Crisis Management Center Ltd.

About Us

Crisis Management Center Ltd (CMC) is a Training and Crisis Management Innovation Center based in Cyprus, dedicated to provide cutting-edge Search and Rescue solutions.  

CMC's mission is to provide effective and efficient solutions during emergencies, ensuring the safety and well-being of people and the environment. CMC's commitment to innovation is evident in its use of the latest and most advanced platforms and technologies to coordinate and execute precise actions during emergency situations, ensuring the safety and security of individuals and the environment.

CMC collaborates with leading European and Global Training Centers, extending its expertise throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond.

Our Services

Within the realm of crisis management, CMC offers a broad range of specialized services designed to effectively navigate and mitigate various emergency scenarios.

Aerial Surveillance/Monitoring
CMC excels in enhancing situational awareness during crises through cutting-edge Aerial Surveillance/Monitoring services.
Flight Training

Equipping future aviators with essential skills and knowledge for confident navigation through our comprehensive programs

Air Ambulance/Medical Evacuation

In emergencies, CMC ensures swift and effective response with our specialized Air Ambulance/Medical Evacuation services.

Aerial Firefighting

Combatting fires from the air, CMC employs advanced techniques in Aerial Firefighting for unparalleled crisis response.

Forest Fires

CMC provides comprehensive solutions for tackling forest fires, leveraging the latest technologies to mitigate environmental impact.

Chemical Fires

Addressing hazardous situations, CMC brings specialized knowledge to control and manage Chemical Fires with precision.

Earthquakes/Humanitarian Crises

In times of earthquakes and humanitarian crises, CMC offers expert crisis management, delivering critical support for effective response.

Maritime Pollution Incidents

CMC offers solutions to mitigate environmental damage caused by Maritime Pollution Incidents, ensuring effective crisis response.


Proudly forging strategic partnerships, we are honored to collaborate with esteemed organizations in aviation operations and crisis management sectors. These collaborations not only empower us to deliver unparalleled solutions but also strengthen our commitment to excellence in every endeavor. By working hand-in-hand with key stakeholders, our partnerships reinforce our dedication to providing cutting-edge aerial solutions. These advancements play a crucial role in enhancing emergency response capabilities and contribute significantly to the effective management of critical situations.