'Crisis Management Center (CMC): Game Changer in Natural Disasters'

 Cyprus International Fair (CyprusExpo Ελληνικό Περίπτερο), Nicosia, Cyprus, on

June 27th, 2024, from 09:00AM to 16:30PM

International Representation at the Event

We are very honoured to announce that the following 13 countries were represented at the event: Cyprus, France, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Pakistan, China, Australia, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Greece, Lebanon.

On June 27, 2024, the "Crisis Management Center: Game Changer in Natural Disasters" event, held in Cyprus International Fair, showcased groundbreaking strategies and advanced technologies aimed at tackling the critical challenges posed by natural disasters. The event highlighted the following key areas:

Air Firefighting,  Air Surveillance, Humanitarian, USAR, and Medical Assistance, Natural Disaster and Training Innovations

Mr. Stelios Atalianis, the CEO, emphasized the integration of advanced solutions, focusing not only on immediate disaster response but also on environmental protection and cybersecurity. This comprehensive approach ensures effective risk management from the onset of an incident, providing unparalleled service and safety.

Through collaboration and innovation, the Crisis Management Center aims to create resilient communities capable of withstanding the multifaceted challenges of natural disasters, truly changing the game in disaster management.

Special thanks to Mr. Costas Mavrides, Member of the European Parliament and Chair of the Political Committee of the Mediterranean, for attending our event and highlighting the significance of our project. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to all the companies, organizations, and individuals who participated in or attended our event.