Welcome to our Capabilities and Solutions hub, where innovation meets resilience. Explore below as we showcase our expertise in firefighting, natural disaster response, humanitarian assistance, and more. Discover tailored solutions crafted to address the unique challenges posed by these scenarios.  Delve into the details and witness how we bring unparalleled capabilities to the forefront of crisis management and assistance.
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Versatile aerial solutions, from firefighting and environmental research to humanitarian aid and air ambulance services. Our capabilities span a spectrum of operations, including air survey, marine pollution control, climate monitoring, and more, ensuring a comprehensive approach to meet diverse needs with precision and excellence.

Firefighting Unit

In the frontline of fire response, our Firefighting Unit boasts an advanced fleet equipped with precision aerial technology. Ensuring rapid and effective containment, we stand ready to combat wildfires and protect communities.

Cloud Seeding Unit

Pioneering weather modification, our innovative Hail Cloud Seeding Unit introduces cutting-edge techniques to mitigate hail damage. We aim to safeguard agriculture and infrastructure from the impacts of hailstorms.

Air Ambulance Unit

Prioritizing critical care in the skies, our Air Ambulance Unit offers swift and efficient medical transport. Equipped to handle emergencies, we ensure the highest level of patient care to those in critical need, during air ambulance services.

Catastrophes - Natural Disasters Unit

Navigating through crises, our Catastrophes - Natural Disasters Unit specializes in comprehensive response solutions. Swift and effective, our unit ensures proactive crisis management, safeguarding communities during challenging times.

Humanitarian Assistance Unit

Making a positive impact in times of crisis, our Humanitarian Assistance Unit delivers essential aid services. From disaster relief to long-term support, we are dedicated to providing crucial assistance and contributing to community recovery.

Environmental Airborne Research Unit

Dedicated to environmental understanding, our Environmental Airborne Research Unit conducts pioneering airborne research. Providing real-time data, we contribute to ecological monitoring and support conservation efforts for a sustainable future.

Flight Simulation Training Unit

Embarking on a virtual journey, our Flight Simulation Training Unit offers state-of-the-art training programs for aspiring aviators. Providing realistic simulations, we prepare pilots for the challenges of the skies. We foster a comprehensive learning environment with blended cutting-edge technology.

Oil Drill Platform Support Unit

Within the vast expanse of offshore oil drill platforms, our specialized unit excels in delivering essential aerial support services. Beyond logistics and rapid emergency response, we are committed to enhancing the safety and operational efficiency of offshore drilling, fostering success and sustainability in this dynamic industry.

Air Survey and Aerial Photography Unit

Capturing the beauty from above, our Air Survey and Aerial Photography Unit specializes in stunning visuals. By blending artistry with analytics, we not only contribute to environmental monitoring and urban planning but also unveil narratives from the sky, telling stories that inspire and inform.

Marine Pollution Control Unit

Safeguarding coastal areas, our Marine Pollution Control Unit specializes in airborne solutions, actively monitoring and combating pollution for the health of marine ecosystems. Click below to explore details on aircraft used for effective aerial pesticide applications.

Airborne Monitoring of Ship Emissions Pollution Control Unit

Our Airborne Monitoring of Ship Emissions Pollution Control Unit ensures vigilant surveillance and control measures, actively contributing to cleaner air and sustainable shipping practices.

Airborne Research Atmospheric and Climate Monitoring Unit

Elevating research for a sustainable future, our Airborne Research Atmospheric and Climate Monitoring Unit pioneers atmospheric studies, providing insights for climate monitoring and contributing to environmental understanding.

Aerial Electronic News Gathering Unit

At the forefront of information dissemination, our Aerial Electronic News Gathering Unit excels in dynamic news coverage. Elevating the standards of journalism, we provide swift and comprehensive aerial perspectives, ensuring you stay informed on unfolding events.

Aerial Tourist Sightseeing Flights Unit

Transforming tourism into a memorable experience, our Aerial Tourist Sightseeing Flights Unit invites you to embark on thrilling adventures. Elevate your travel journey with breathtaking views and unforgettable moments, creating memories from a unique aerial perspective.

Oil Spill Combat Unit

Championing environmental stewardship, our Oil Spill Combat Unit steps up with an effective approach to protect the vulnerable marine ecosystems. Employing advanced aerial technologies, we combat oil spills rapidly, minimizing their environmental impact and ensuring the preservation of marine life.

Air Tankers Lead Aircraft Operations

At the forefront of firefighting efforts, our Air Tankers Lead Aircraft Operations take the lead in enhancing efficiency. Beyond merely controlling wildfires, we play a pivotal role in safeguarding communities and protecting natural habitats. With a perfect air tanker fleet, we are dedicated to the proactive management of fire incidents, ensuring the safety of both people and the environment.

Insulator Washing Helicopter Powerlines

 Going above and beyond in ensuring the reliability and safety of power distribution networks, our specialized operations go further. With a commitment to precision and efficiency, we employ advanced techniques to not only maintain insulator cleanliness but also proactively uphold the overall integrity of powerlines, ensuring a resilient and secure electrical infrastructure.

Aerial Advertising Unit

Beyond transforming brand visibility, our Aerial Advertising Unit goes further to introduce innovative solutions for impactful campaigns. Elevate your brand to new heights with our creative aerial advertising, designed to capture attention and leave a lasting impression visible from the sky. We specialize in crafting experiences that soar above traditional marketing, ensuring your message stands out in the vast expanse.

Parachutists Operations and Training Unit

Mastering the art of safe and precise parachute operations, our Parachutes Operations and Training Unit offers expertise and comprehensive training. Experience the thrill with assurance, as we prioritize safety in every jump and provide tailored training programs for novices and experts alike. Delve into the world of parachuting excellence with our specialized unit.

Transport of Cargo Fresh Fish and Vegetables and Other Unit

Beyond delivering reliability in cargo transport, our dedicated unit ensures the timely and secure delivery of fresh goods. From fish to vegetables and more, we specialize in transportation solutions designed to maintain the utmost quality and freshness of your cargo. Explore our commitment to excellence in logistics, ensuring your goods reach their destination in prime condition.